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Acer Swift 3 – Fix the Brightness Settings

If you’re like me you’ve been thrilled with how great your little 14″ Ultrabook from Acer. You’ve kept it up to date and suddenly you’ve found the F3/F4 brightness controls aren’t working. You may have also found that you can’t change the brightness from the Notification Center off to the right of your Windows 10 task bar. For me the slider or indicator changes but the display itself isn’t reflecting the new setting.

There’s a fix. Follow the steps below to get that display listening again!

Windows Updates

Head on over to your Windows Settings panel, click on Update & Security. Run a check to make sure your machine is fully up to date. Reboot after your system finishes with any updates. Even if it doesn’t prompt you to restart it’s a good idea to do a power cycle just to make sure any changes are in place.

Check your brightness buttons. If you’re still facing problems, continue on!

Update Drivers

If Windows Update didn’t solve your problem, head on over to the Device Manager by right clicking on the Start Menu and choosing “Device Manager.”

Click on the + icon beside “Display adapters” and chose “Update driver” from the context menu. From there, choose “Search automatically for updated driver software.”

Windows will advise you that “The best device drivers are already installed.” It’s lying to you. Continue on by clicking “Search for updated drivers on Windows Update.”

You’ll find that Windows will start downloading updated drivers for the display adapter. About 5-10 minutes later and a couple of flickers of the screen Windows will prompt you that you’re done with the process.

Test your brightness buttons. They work! Hurrah. Problem solved.

If this guide helped you or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!