IT Sys Admin Networking Ubiquiti

TELUS Optik IPTV on Ubiquiti Unifi

Taking back the consumer LAN one step at a time… As many have been, I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to get around using TELUS‘ blasted Actiontec router. Sure, I could have just bridged it but that’s just one more hop before it hits my network. I recently had PureFibre Gigabit installed (albeit the […]

IT Sys Admin Windows 10

Acer Swift 3 – Fix the Brightness Settings

If you’re like me you’ve been thrilled with how great your little 14″ Ultrabook from Acer. You’ve kept it up to date and suddenly you’ve found the F3/F4 brightness controls aren’t working. You may have also found that you can’t change the brightness from the Notification Center off to the right of your Windows 10 […]

3D Printing Creality Ender-3 Pro

Setting up OctoPrint with your Ender 3 Printer

I recently got back into the 3D printing game and realized what my bottle neck was previously. Having my main machine on and not being able to reboot, etc while I was printing. Then I discovered OctoPrint. The idea of OctoPrint is to offload the printing to a web-based interface so you can rest easy […]



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